BMIQ (Beta MIxture Quantile dilation) algorithm

A novel model-based intra-array normalisation strategy for 450k data, called BMIQ (Beta MIxture Quantile dilation), to adjust the beta-values of type2 design probes into a statistical distribution characteristic of type1 probes. BMIQ will be useful as a preprocessing step for any study using the Illumina Infinium 450k platform.



R Script for BMIQ This is the script of BMIQ

R Script for DoBMIQ This is a script to run BMIQ on a set of Methylation Data.

To run BMIQ code, after placing all stuffs(data, probe information, annotation) in one folder, you can use following R code to calculate it out:


Or you can find BMIQ function in ChAMP Package, which is developed by Tiffany Morris

Installation To install ChAMP package, start R and enter: