SEPIRA (Systems EPigenomics Inference of Regulatory Activity)

SEPIRA is a novel algorithm which estimates transcription factor activity in any given sample from its genome-wide mRNA expression or DNA methylation profile(Chen Y, Widschwendter M, and Teschendorff AE 2017). It encompasses two main steps: 1.Construction of a tissue-specific transcription factor regulatory network, consisting of transcription factors that are more highly expressed in the user-specified tissue type (the ‘tissue type of interest’) compared to other tissue types, plus an associated set of high-confidence downstream targets. 2.Estimation of transcription factor activity in this network, in any given dataset consisting of gene expression or promoter DNA methylation profiles.


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Maintainer: Yuting Chen


Yuting Chen, Martin Widschwendter, Andrew E.Teschendorff. 2017. “Systems-epigenomics inference of transcription factor activity implicates aryl-hydrocarbon-receptor inactivation as a key event in lung cancer development.” Genome biology, 18(1), 236.


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if (!requireNamespace("BiocManager", quietly = TRUE))
BiocManager::install("SEPIRA", version = "3.8"


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